Edmond Wilson

Edmond has been an artist for as long as he can remember. It started in New Jersey as a toddler, when he discovered crayons and painted on the vinyl shades covering his bedroom window as his canvas. Through childhood, he would draw pictures out of his brother's football books and magazines. In middle school, his art developed when art teachers introduced him to painting. In high school, the love really flourished when he learned to draw still life and live models. After graduating high school, Edmond was accepted to one of the top colleges in the country, The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC. He only attended SVA for one year due to cost. 

The next year he enrolled at the local Kean College of New Jersey, where he became a walk-on football player. Football has always been his first love which explains why it is his favorite subject to create. Also, at Kean College, he found a love for colored pencils which may be his best medium. After only two years at Kean College, Edmond left college to assist his family, placing art and school on the back burner. Edmond recognizing that education was a priority, enrolled at his third college where he took drawing classes but no painting class. Edmond also found the other love of his life, April, who he later married and started a family with.

The responsibilities of a family would again take priority, but Edmond turned to art as his personal therapy; painting in the early morning hours, while his family slept only to awake to his creations. Most of his art was colored pencils and his new discovery of pastels. Pastels allowed him to "go bigger" than the 8.5 x 11 paper of the color pencil. The next 29 years were spent sporadically doing pastel paintings. In 2015, Edmond's mother bought him a few brushes and some oil paint, and he decided to try to paint on canvas again. He was nervous to try, but he still had his oil paint from SVA in 1986. To assist him in learning to paint, Edmond watched YouTube videos for hours to get tips and a feel for oil painting. 

After a 29-year absence of painting on canvas, Edmond has rediscovered his passion for painting on canvas. Today, he's a full-time artist working on anything from canvas, to large size murals, to football field logos. Edmond’s studio is in Elkridge, MD.

Edmond's Artwork