Stephanie Haiba Collier


Artist Statement


Quilting is a life affirming balm that calms my soul. A friend once said, “Our creative expressions are a reflection of our inner beauty”. I hope that my work reflects that sentiment. When I conceptualize a Quilt and am able to bring it into existence, it gives me a joy and gratitude that  cannot be adequately expressed in words. Knowing that each quilt is uniquely made for a special someone is an honor, I hope will remain a family treasure and legacy for years to come. Quilting is a much honored and revered tradition in the US and internationally and I want to be a part of this rich history. My quilting style can be characterized as Afrocentric-Modern. I love the use of vibrant colors and taking the traditional and putting an afrocentric spin on it. Red Elephant Quilts is my signature logo in honoring my sorority Delta Sigma Theta. 

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