TJ Blake Artistry

TJ Blake Artistry


I am TJ Blake Artistry and like many of my journeys, my journey to art was born of two of my passions:  travel and healing. 


Travel has always been my first passion and mainstay. I have visited six of the seven continents, with Africa being one of my most profound experiences. Through travel I have experienced the most powerful art form - nature. I have seen the vast array of colors, textures, and shapes that can only be found in the open air. These images and experiences left an indelible impression on my soul and are captured in my art. 


As a Massage Therapist, I traveled to Southern Africa and used massage to serve women and children living with HIV and AIDS. All along, I’ve used my hands to aid in comforting the body much like an artist creates to comfort the soul.  


After being consumed for months with training for a marathon, I sustained an injury that sidelined my dream and forced me to focus on healing myself in all aspects: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Not training created a void that I was unprepared for but art became my elixir. It gave me a renewed passion for life and from this, TJ Blake Artistry was created.

When I reflect on my journey, I realize that it wasn’t as random as it first seemed. Art was a natural progression; same process, different application. My hands were brushes, the massage oils were my paints, and my clients’ bodies were my canvases.  

From my art style (Fluid Art), to my choice of medium (acrylic paints and occasionally oils), painting has become an integral part of my healing as I pour my pain and passion onto the canvas to create images that minister to the soul.

Artist Statement

My two worlds have now become one, where my creative energy flows effortlessly among my passions, all the while collecting, processing, producing and replenishing without depleting. I’d rather paint than eat, as I am ever anxious to create the next piece!...TJ Blake