Black Art Today! - African American Culture and Art

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote artists that depict African American culture in the forms of literature, visual arts, and performing arts.

We recognize that African American culture and history are expressed and experienced  through  "Griots" , our modern day story tellers. They convey the African American experience through various mediums, i.e. fine art, visual media, sculpture, pottery, dance, theatrics, song, literature, poetry, and fashion.  

Black Art Today! is dedicated to providing a platform for established, emerging, and aspiring artists to display, express, preserve, and promote their craft to a broader audience by:

  • Developing and producing visual media that features art and artists of African Descent.
  • Establishing a Mentor Protégé program to connect emerging and aspiring artists with established artists.
  • Providing scholarships and grants for aspiring artists and emerging artists.
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of  art and artists, of African Descent, in the representation and preservation of our culture.

The founders of Black Art Today!  hope that you are inspired to support the art and artists we feature.

 “A violinist had a violin, a painter his palette. All I had was myself. I was the instrument that I must care for.” – Josephine Baker 


Black Art Today!, LLC