Terence Washington, Sr.

Artist's Statement " I truly believe art is where the head, hand, and heart are one."


Terence is a married father of two wonderful kids, a great loving wife, and a veteran of the United States Air Force. He has loved art his entire life and considers art as a gift, blessing, and friend.  He has rendered paintings, and worked in multiple mediums. He has also published a children’s book where he  did all of the illustrations and text. 

Terence enjoys all genres of art including photography and his style is as spiritual and passionate as his love for art drives and sustains him.  His primary medium is acrylic paint but has aspirations to created 3D renderings, mixed media, and sculpting. Additionally, Terence has aspirations of owning an international gallery enabling involvement in the global community , with the goal of creating a positive effect on our world especially children.

Terence currently resides in Memphis, TN, after relocated from North Carolina. He also lived in Canada for several years where he gained a global perspective of the contributions and responsibilities of African Americans.

His artwork has sold at the Swann Auction Gallery of New York, local sales and promotions through Church exhibitions.