Babacar Pouye

Babacar Pouye's Biography


Babacar Pouye lives in the city of Tivaouan in Senegal.Since childhood I have spent most of my free time with drawing and painting. It has become my passion and works at the same time as meditation for me. I constantly think of pictures stuck on my retina and I want to realize them with pensils or brushes. I make sketches and try different techniques and materials. My focus has become a realistic portrait style with a symbolic submenu. I consider my world in the immediate surroundings as well as on the Internet, listen to a lot of music, meet people, friends as well as new acquaintances. We reflect on the changing mosaics of fate and adventure. All in all, there are associations and ideas for images that grow up for my interior and some take shape as pictures at home in my studio.I have participated in many group exhibition in Senegal.Africa is a continent of the saturated colours. In the morning sparkling crisp, dazzling light in midday’s dazzling heat transcends to sunsets in deep red and violet tones. All of these colours have got a fix in my spinal cord and probably characterize choices on my palette